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Plum Pretty

Plum Pretty
Sometimes just a little colour goes a long way. Purple is a great accent since everyone can wear some version of it. And dark blue is a great substitute for black in almost any outfit.
I wish it were already Spring so I could wear something like this for my after school romp in the park tomorrow. But alas, I’ll be the one in the giant parka and still shivering…

Our latest event

Our latest event

I Love Hong Kong New York – Dec 8



Long skirts for autumn seems like a natural choice. Some inspiring new ways to wear them? Get adventurous with layers, sparkles, and accessories.

Style Fridays – Actually Autumn

grey autumn
With Autumn finally approaching here in Hong Kong, thought I’d do a preview of some ensembles with colourful tights. The combination of grey and yellow and grey and pink always seem so striking to me. And a little color on an Fall day can go a long way.

T8 style

I’m always up for an adventure, even during a typhoon. But what to wear out when the weather is so stormy? Here are some suggestions that would keep you both dry and stylish.
Happy T8 everybody!


For my single ladies

For my single ladies

Every once in a while, it’s great to get together with the girls a celebrate the miracle of female friendship. This one’s for the girls!