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Teal Temptation

Teal Temptation
I still hate winter but this year I am forced to deal with it since I just moved back to New York. I’m trying out some different winter looks…

Style Fridays – Stand out

This week we wish to inspire the kind of confidence that makes people’s heads turn. So no matter what else you have planned for this week, your challenge is to do something that makes you feel fabulous. And if you need some inspiration, this set is for you. Any of these ensembles would definitely make you stand out in a crowd at your next gathering. Since looking good is linked to feeling good, a new outfit can’t hurt the cause!

Stand out

I love wedges!

Ok, so I’ve got a little something different this week. I recently bought these black wedges after searching for a pair for quite some time.
Here are some things I can imagine wearing with them, although I think the possibilities are endless (which is why I bought them!)


For this summer, Orange seems to be everywhere. That’s great news for anyone who can wear it (which is admittedly a smaller percentage of the population). There are many varieties of the color and here are some ideas to inspire you to try it out.

Style Fridays – Creatively Colourful

For Spring/Summer colour is back! Thanks goodness. Colour blocking is all the range for the coming season. For those who are new wearing  brighter colours, try adding in smaller pieces as accents. If you stay withing your own personal colour range, it’s hard to go wrong!

Creative Colour

Creative Colour by Sunee LaClaire featuring a beaded bib necklace

If you do not yet know what colours suit you best, we are always here to help! Immaginare offers a colour consult that is guaranteed to change your life. We use the most innovative color system available to teach you how to use colour to your advantage in any situation.

Sample color swatch available from Immaginare Ltd.

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Style Fridays – Spring Romance

For when you feel like adding a little romance into your wardrobe…

Style Fridays – Office to Event

We have often had inquiries from clients who want to create looks that are appropriate for work and steeping out afterwards. Here are two looks that can successfully transition you from day to evening. but remember, your best accessory is your smile.