Designers We Admire

Nathalie Melville – Jewelery Designer (and Maker)

from her website:

About Nathalie:

Nathalie graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2004 with an honours degree. Since her graduation she has worked for companies such as Tiffany &  co and Folli Follie, prior to launching her her comission based fine jewellery brand in 2006.

She has worked with clients, on a bespoke basis, on pieces from engagement rings to family heirlooms. Though often sought out for her delicate organic style, she has also undertaken many classic commissions, often in the realms of solitaire diamond rings.

In early 2008 Nathalie moved her focus to the wholesale arena, launching her ready to wear collections at a number of shows, in London and Paris.
Her collections, although each with it’s own inspiration, are centred around her signature carving technique, synonymous with her fine jewellery work. This lends the jewellery a very feminine feeling, with the identity of the individual collections defining itself, whether it be the old fashioned, whimsical charm of ‘Kensington Gardens’, or the opulence and colourful vibrancy of ‘Living Jewels’.
Nathalie works closely with her private clients, developing a relationship that allows each client to feel completely involved with the design process.

Some of my favorite pieces from her website:

Nathalie is a very talented designer. Her designer are whimsical and fun and she includes fantastic color and movement in her pieces. Her workmanship is fantastic as well.

Nathalie was recently interviewed by Quintessentially. Find out more about her and her amazing designs here.


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